DIY Ant Treatment: What Works & What Doesn’t

Ants are a common pest that many homeowners deal with every single day. Summers in Houston are especially bothersome for ants, but they’ll come out any time of the year. It is important to take action at once if you notice there are ants in the home. The sooner you get treatment, the easier it is to rid the infestation. You shouldn’t wait to call for professional Ant Extermination Houston as well, if the problem isn’t one that you can handle with DIY methods.

Many DIY home remedies for ants are out there, but not all of them work the way they claim to work.  Why waste time and money and build more frustration using products that do not work when it is easy to find out the truth? Here are some of the most common DIY ant remedy solutions and the tricks to treat them at home.


Cinnamon is an effective ant control option for homeowners who want to try their hand at DIY methods. Researchers think that ants do not like the smell of cinnamon, does it repels them. But, does it really work or is this just another one of those old wives tales we’ve all heard? The international Journal of scientific and research Publications reported that cinnamon can be effective at ridding ants from the house. However, the results and effectiveness vary from one job to another since there are many factors that impact this. The type of cinnamon product that is used, the strength of the product, proper placement, etc. all interfere with the effectiveness of cinnamon.


Another DIY ant control remedy is vinegar. It is a common home remedy for many different pests (and cleaning and other projects, too) including ants. It may be a product that you want to use if ants are taking over your home. Do keep in mind that you will likely need to phone a professional exterminator for an ant infestation if it occurs because vinegar provides only a short term solution to the problem and it must be corrected as soon as possible.


Lemon is also a remedy that people use to clean the home, test pests, and much more does it work to rid the home of ants?  You’d probably do better using another product. Lemon juice contains acidic properties that masks the ants scent and deters them in the other direction. However, it only works some of the time and with certain types of ants. When there is an ant infestation at your property, this is not a risk that you want to take.

Ants may be a common pest at homes, but it is one that you can get rid of with the right techniques. Try your hand at the solutions above that work and have the number of an ant exterminator on hand to call if the remedies do not work. Although ants do not carry disease, they’re annoying, some sting, and they’re a very frustrating problem that no one wants to endure.